Leading People to Jesus & His Purpose for our lives

Our Mission

New here?

Welcome! No matter who you are, where you’re from, or what you’ve experienced, we look forward to meeting you & introducing you to our savior. As you meet our church family you’ll find that we all share common ground on a couple of things. First, we’re overwhelmed by God’s incredible and unconditional love. Second, we’re overwhelmed by God’s incredible purpose for our lives! We look forward to meeting you!

Pastor Doug & the West Valley Church Family

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Our Purpose

Our purpose is to help people experience a relationship with Jesus and His purposes for their life.


in His family through a local church


in a real relationship with Christ


in a ministry that fits how God wired us


unchurched people in their everyday world


God’s name & character

As you experience Jesus & His purposes for your life you will discover the incredible creation & wonderfully unique person God made you and you’ll discover life to the full!

Our Beliefs

Our core beliefs are centered in Christ and His message, found and supported in Scripture. Ours is a biblical theology rather than a theology that is speculative or merely rooted in tradition.

Our Team

Pastor Doug Roberts

Lead Pastor

Hannah Aldous

Worship Director

Lori Tillett

Kids Director

Jeanne Barerra

Office Admin

Amy Tiner


Kelly Roberts

Communications Director

Anthony Frail

Youth Pastor